The Boy Hanging from a Tree

I see a boy hanging from a tree. I can see him from my window where I sleep. He hangs from his legs, while gravity makes his body aim to the wild grass. His skin is pale white, his hair golden. He doesn’t wear any shoes and his clothes are always dirty. His jeans are ripped showing his bare skin. He has a single blue shirt on.

I’ve seen him for four years now, he never ages, never changes, always stays the same, in the same spot, hanging from that tree.

As I walk out of my home I stand far from the tree. The boys eyes are closed, his arms hanging. Dark rings formed around his eyes. I walked closer to the boy until we are nearly a foot away. I’ve never seen the boy up this close. Sweet looking boy, reminds me of my young boy who was lost four years prior.

“Excuse me, young man.” I asked, my middle aged voice sounded hollow and lost.

His eyes opened. Blue, like the day I lost my happiness.


I can see the ocean waves splash against the rocks, my boy playing around them. I shook my head,  my blonde curls moving with the motion.

“No,” spoke my voice shaking. “I’m not your mom. Where is your mother?”

The boy looked out into the darkness of the night. “She told me that she’ll see me again soon, but I don’t know how long soon is. I lost track of time.” He spoke quickly,  not taking a breath. “Will you wait with me?”

His voice reminds me of that night. The night of the tragedy, That night that I mourn the loss of a young boy. My young boy. He was so young, so pure and they took him from me. They weren’t angels they were vultures.

I nodded my head at his question, of course I’ll wait with him. I took a seat on the cold grass, leaning my back against the bark of the tree. The boy hopped down taking the spot next to me, leaning his body against mine. He was cold, dead cold. Though he acted like he was warm. I stared off into the night sky counting as many stars as I could, just like we used to do every night under our tree.

“I missed you, Mommy. I knew we’d see each other again. Just like you said.”

I turned to the boy, our ocean blue eyes locked. We stayed like this for what seemed like hours, but I was okay with that because I finally was able to see him once more, someone to make me feel warm once again.

“I missed you too, my son.”


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