The 2019 SGO Gramercy Arts Talent Show

The SGO Gramercy Arts Talent Show was just like the title suggests, full of talented individuals. Students who were very prepared, driven to win, and of course extremely talented in the artistic genre they performed, got down to business and danced, sang, and slammed the audience with soul searching efforts that made the judges cringe at choosing only one winner.

Despite the low audience turnout, the show demonstrated supportive students who used this opportunity to cultivate their own talents and through competition, test their skills against one another. Most importantly, the students showed how a small, talented community can care about one another. Before any of the results were in at the end of the show, the entire cast burst out into John Legend’s “All of Me” spontaneously, which highlighted the love, sweat and tears left on the stage of the SGO sponsored Talent Show night.

Jaymani Signal was comfortable as MC of the show. Her fluid introductions, rapport with the audience, and silky voice provided a cozy, lounge-style atmosphere.

Performances were orderly and well rehearsed. Singing, dancing, and poetry dominated the talents on display. For an art school of approximately 500 students, there were 4 senior performers, 3 Juniors, 1 sophomore and 4 freshmen.

Jathan Suarez, the reigning champion, opened up with his own original song entitled “Letter to You.” A love ballad in rap style. His rhymes were crushing, as he crooned about his broken heart and the universal feelings and experiences of high school unrequited love.

Asantewa Adigunbomani danced and pranced in an original choreographed set to “Wash and Set.”

Xara Williams belted out the hopeful and positive song “Sunflower.” Shall sunflowers grow from all our gloom!

Avareah Charles challenged herself by switching songs at literally the last moment in a cappella performance that made us want to stand and applaud as opposed to “Lay me Down.”

John Negron recited two of his original poems titled “Broken Mind,” and “Broken Love.” Hey John, if you ever need some Duct Tape, I heard it pretty much fixes anything.

Fatou Mbaye sang her siren song of “When I was your Man,” to a rapt audience.

Mitchell Bueno sang and played guitar as he rocked out the Punk tune “True Trans Soul Rebel.”

Reymond De La Rosa’s dance routine to “Take That,” was an acrobatic and aerial display of flexibility.

Samara Drayton built up the crowd slowly and methodically with her song “Scared to be Lonely.”

Ms. Silverstein’s daughters Ella and Abby and ward Zoe, tapped their way across the stage with “Faith,” and “Man with a Hex.”

Nicholas Nadirashvili crooned his way into the audience’s hearts singing “Jealous.”

Brazil Hamilton created, performed and effortlessly danced to her original choreography, to the song “Level Up.”

And last but not least, the 2019 SGO Talent Show champion, Naila Negron, managed her crowd, hit all the right keys and made us forget that this was the end, when she sang and played her guitar to the song “Goodbyes.”

The light and sound show were on time, on task, and focused on the moment, with the help of Shuvadyah Yehuda Yisrael and Jonathan Watson Nelson.

The organizers, the performers, the audience and Gramercy Arts High School came out the winner on Talent Show Night. Ms. Rodriguez and the Student Government Organization (Jaymani Signal, Maria Bonilla, Xara Williams, Cesar Rodriguez, Samara Drayton, Darren Zheng, Mia Capuz, and Laysha Rodriguez) put a show together that reflect the polish and professionalism that an arts high school aspires to live up to.

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