My Perspective

Ask me if I think this world is fair.

I’m in a position where people only pretend to hear.

Truth from strangers, who don’t look like you, are never your real world.

They say things that start off concrete and turn into clouds of smoke…

I usually take my truth to the booth,

I use my art as an outlet for proof,

of the shit I’m going through while I’m still in my youth.

You see my grandma died in her sleep,

Then my father died hiding his sickness from me,

until he no longer could breathe.

You think I’m ok on the outside, but I honestly wanna scream!

My dark skin makes it even harder for me to win,

Like being Black is a type of sin,

All I want is equality: it shouldn’t have to be a gift.

I shouldn’t have to look upon a star,

to make a wish for justice,

It shouldn’t matter who you are,

that Disney crap is not for the living,

Respect for life should be a given.

I don’t know how it’s a hard decision,

it’s a simple mission,

if you want peace in this world you have to make an incision in your mind,

so that you can open up your eyes

Because when it’s time, we’re all gonna see the light,

mourners in black will cry,

Because eventually, we’re all gonna die.

I don’t understand why we fight.

We have so much strength, but use it to hurt, lose what is right.

We’re trapped within the same four walls,

We’re not going anywhere,

We can really unite.

Unite as one, put down the guns.

I shouldn’t have to be scared when the police stops me in the middle of

street, saying: Let me see your ID.

Over and over and over: Then a loud boom goes off!

He was only 15,  the kid with big dreams.

Now a mother is looking at her son’s monitor go ‘eeeeeee.’

Now he is forever in a sleep, under the dirt, 6 feet deep.

All of this police brutality is honestly terrifying,

This world has lost the truth and its humanity.

I shouldn’t have to worry about getting shot on my way to chemistry,

I should worry about this exam I have to take next week.

She shouldn’t have to worry about that man forcing her to get between the sheets,

She’s screaming and crying saying can you stop, please!

But the only time he stops and leaves is when she’s ready to pop.

Realize she’s only 16 and he is 33,

This story really isn’t hard to believe.

We are all still under 18

But ask me if I think this world is fair.

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