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Green Team 2019

You may have noticed some of your peers searching the garbage bins in your classes or painting the “Gramercy Tree of Fame” next to Mr.Kim’s room. Those students are members of the Green Team here at Gramercy Arts. This club meets after school on Fridays to discuss how we can make changes to the school to positively improve the environment.

Last Year’s Ecological Efforts

Last year, our major focus was paper conservation.  We conducted an experiment throughout the second semester to test the contamination of all of the paper trash bins in our school (not the campus). We audited the paper bins 3 times a week and then calculated the contamination per day and averaged it per cycle (two week period). Contamination is the amount of items in specific bins that don’t belong there.  Each room that was found to have 0% contamination for the whole cycle, received an award, was showcased on the tree, and teachers with most improvement earned the Gramercy Golden Leaf on their door. The results showed great improvement as the semester continued and the tree began to flourish with names and leaves.

As you can see, the total amount of contamination decreased dramatically in only 3 cycles. Teachers were involved and had their own strategies for maintaining clean bins ready for recycling. The percentage of contamination started at an average of 24% and went all the way down to below 10%!

Our Earth Day Celebration las year was highlighted by a poetry slam in the auditorium. The group organized the event so that the entire school could contribute to and memorialize our tribute to the earth with a giant school puzzle. We painted, labeled and put together a giant puzzle where each student wrote their plans to help the environment on each piece of the puzzle. Then when the pieces came together, it made a picture of earth. Our Gramercy Earth will soon be displayed in a hallway near you.

The Present Green Team Efforts

This year took us quite a while to get off our feet. Recycling and monitoring requires three bins in all classrooms to begin auditing. The struggle to have all rooms properly fitted and labeled uniformly was the major challenge.  This year we plan on expanding our recycling progress to audit both the paper and plastic bins. Awards this year will be the Gramercy Green Turtle and the Gramercy Golden Turtle to represent 0% contamination and most improved classrooms. These awards are going to be posted onto the New Wave painting next to the Gramercy Tree of Fame, described earlier.

Efforts such as these take caring hearts and creative minds. Not a single club or organization would survive if it wasn’t for the determined and passionate students driving them. Finding information about the progress in your school shouldn’t be difficult. This is why articles such as these should be coming out more frequently. Green Team is working hard this year just like the last, and there are plenty of other groups that should have their message, their purpose understood and opportunity to include all students in the Gramercy community.

If you have a specific group or community “shout out” you would like covered in the Gramercy Times, please send us an email and let us know you want coverage!

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