Gramercy Club Fair

The first semi-annual club fair kicked off this week at Gramercy High School. Eight clubs lined up with great hopes at attracting students of all grades to volunteer, join and foster the Gramercy Arts community.

List of Clubs and Sports Opportunities available for Gramercy Arts High School Students:

  1. Poetry Club; Monday; 701 6th Period Ms. Powell 
  2. Gramercy Times; 730 Thursday 6th Period Ms. Aileen Downes and Mr. Ashkenazi
  3. Chess Club: 715, Wednesday 6th Period Mr. Brown
  4. Science Club: 715, Wednesday 6th Period Mr. Brown
  5. SGO: 721,  Tuesday 6th Period Ms. Rodriguez
  6. Gay-Straight Alliance: 711,  Wed 6th Period Mr. O’Neill
  7. National Honor Society (NC) Lilla, Brody
  8. Anime Club, Room 702, Friday Mr. Kim, 
  9. Yearbook Club 745; Wednesday 6th Period; Ms. McCasland
  10. Beautification Team 749 Wednesday 6th period and Wednesday after school Ms. Montanino

There is a rolling admissions for all clubs so if you did not have a chance to sign up, you can walk in on any of the clubs on their meeting days. 

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