Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Hero or just another Idealist

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the limelight since she took office in January. She is best known as an American politician and activist who is trying to change the world so quickly, that the world cannot keep up. The Green New Deal is one of her policy ideas that she feels can save the whole world. So what is this Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal has existed since 2009. But why is this important to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez? She believes this can change the world and is very committed to this. This New Green Deal is policy and laws that would eliminate all greenhouse gasses, including cars that use gas as fuel and even planes. This plan would need to be completed in a timeline of twelve years. And of course, she is the face of this ‘deal’. As she states multiple times in the news “”I’m the boss! How about that?” (Newsweek)

But is she really? Is she committed to this idea of getting rid of cars and planes and the end of carbon based fuels in her own life? Well no, as she wants this “Green New Deal” to be in effect now, she is still actually using cars and planes, instead of using public transportation like subways and busses. With this ireality,  many critics in s the news call her out as a hypocrite for her own plans. If this system needs to be put into effect before twelve years, maybe she should pitch in too? Why twelve years? As she claims “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” (USA Today)

Despite its extreme nature, the Green New Deal is a very well thought out plan that can change the world for the better. And for AOC to bring this plan up and show us the consequences if we don’t act now is brilliant. This person is a hero, she is someone who is standing up for what is right and helping the world. AOC isn’t as bad as the news makes her out to be despite being a young politician who is making a lot of noise in order to ‘save’ the world.

There are many who oppose this Green New Deal who passionately relate it to genocide. CNN created a post going against The Green New Deal and how it related to genocide. Why can this be classified as genocide? Well although this can help the planet, this can also can cause damage to the middle class population. To go through with this plan and pay for it, the government will have to raise taxes. This can cause a imbalance for the working class and people who are struggling with money. People who are struggling with money will have to pay higher taxes to do their part which of course will  cause more stress and hardship than they already have. People bash AOC because of this, accusing her of thinking of herself and her own legacy and as another politician who doesn’t care about the working class.

In my personal opinion, AOC is not as bad as the news and articles make out her to be. She is a woman who knows how the planet is suffering and wants to help out. She is a very intelligent person and really believes in the plan she wants to implement. People shouldn’t dislike and tear her ideas down without listening and seeing her ideas to a logical conclusion. She is taking a stand in a crisis situation and might be able to be a hero of this world. I will vote for AOC when I am eligible so that she can continue her work and help us as the new face of the Democratic Party.

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  1. A.H.

    Nice article! It’s very smart to write about different opinions people have of her, and not just yours, as this helps the reader formulate an opinion on her without the author’s opinions seems forced onto them. I wonder if she’ll also contribute to cutting down greenhouse emissions if her plan goes through?

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